This Turbo Zetec Cougar Runs Great and hasn't been driven in the winter since '04. The built motor and Garrett turbo only have around 5K miles on them. Power will be around 290HP because I'm removing the Water/Meth Kit. It's tuned for 92Oct.

Engine Mods:
  • Garrett GT2871R BB turbo with T3 housing
  • 8.5:1 Wiseco Pistons
  • Forged Eagle H-Beam Rods
  • Focus Power Main Caps
  • 1mm Oversized FRPP Valves
  • VCT Delete
  • 155LPH Fuel Pump - Return Style
  • AEM Boost reference FPR
  • 65mm Focus-Central Throttle Body
  • Front Mount Intercooler - Off Brand
Tuning Stuff:
  • SCT XCal 2 and PRP Tuning Software (still works on WIn XP Laptop)
  • 80mm LMAF
  • Diablosport MAFia
  • 50# injectors
  • 155LPH Fuel Pump - Return Style
  • EBC - Greddy ProfecB SPec2
  • Innovative Wideband O2 - No Gage
Suspension & Misc.
  • BAT Suspension Kit - Handles Nice but not much drop
  • Torsen Diff, HMS upgraded shift tower, and updated shift forks
  • 2.5" Trubendz exhaust
  • 2.5" Turbo Downpipe
  • Buddy Club bumper covers (factory ones are included too)