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$125 baby!! Oh who am I kidding.....$100 for all.

These have about 98-99% tread left and are mounted on 15" stock Cougar wheels. I bought the tires last year and only drove them at a couple SCCA events, two trips down the 1/4-mile in Norwalk (yes, properly inflated for each racing condition), and I round-trip ride from Toledo to Ypsilanti, MI. Tires are V-rated. Tires cost about $250 new. Rims cost me $100 from an OhioNECO member from Cincy. Tires are mounted and balanced

PM me if you want pictures, as I'm too lazy to post any tonight. :rolleyes:

I'm willing to drive within a 60-mile radius to deliver or meet someone.

Azenis aren't great winter tires, but it'd be a cheap upgrade in dry-weather traction. This is the must-have tire in SCCA SoloII STS class.

PayPal or cash accepted.

If I don't sell them on NECO, I'm going to unmount the tires and sell the tires alone on eBay (I get a healthy shipping discount with UPS).


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