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After many years in the CDW-27 platform, the time has come for me to see if I can find a good home for the Cougar. I picked up its replacement a few weeks ago so I’d like to sell the car to make some more room in the garage. The car is in fantastic shape for its age, it does have a few door dings but the car is 100% rust free and has never been driven in the winter (and rarely on rainy days). I’m the second owner, the first owner was in Texas and had just moved up to Rochester, NY when I purchased it. When I bought the car, it had a vortech supercharger on the stock drivetrain and mechanically was a mess. I decided to sell the vortech and swap some parts from my 00 SVT which was starting to show the fact that it was a rust belt car. I moved over my HMS transmission and Koni sport suspension with around 93k on the Cougar. The trans and suspension now have ~50k on them. I also have all maintenance records and almost all of the receipts for work/parts purchased for the car. Here’s the details:

2002 Mercury Cougar Sport V6/MTX/Cloth Interior - 116k
Installed at 93k – Full 3L w/23k, New Sachs clutch, HMS Trans, Koni Suspension
Updated Escape Oil Pan, Noble Oil Pan baffle from CEG group buy, powdercoated valve covers & timing cover
MSDS Headers, Optimized Y-pipe, Trubendz high flow main cat, Custom dual exhaust with magnaflow mufflers and resonator done by exhaust shop in Texas.
HMS Trans (~50k on it) rebuilt by HMS with torsen, 3.8 final drive, keyed tower mod and all new blocker rings
Focus ST shift knob, shortened/re-threaded OEM shifter with deleted reverse lockout
Koni Sport struts and springs (~50k)
Focus SVT front brakes (caliper brackets swapped to run larger rotors), rears are stock
Centerline Storm 17” wheels with Hankook V12 EVO tire (less than 2k miles on them)
Aussie headlights (clear corners)
Carbon fiber hood with aerocatch latches
Alpine bluetooth radio & Infinity door speakers
Auto-dimming rearview mirror
One-touch down passenger window

I’m sure there’s more stuff that I’m forgetting too but that’s most of it.

Extras/Stock Parts Included: Original 2.5L engine (complete heads to oil pan), OEM wheels with junk tires, OEM headlights in very good shape, OEM center grill, Stock precats/manifolds, Stock main cat, spare used/reman alternator, brake pads, misc gaskets, sensors, etc…

What it needs: When I first swapped in the 3L, I ran the 3L throttle body which basically makes the throttle on or off. I drove it like that for a while then decided to try to mess around with the throttle body/linkage to try to smooth out the throttle response. Ever since then the car doesn’t seem to have the power that it used to and unfortunately I had modified the throttle body I had it tuned with so I wasn’t able to just put it all back. At this point, the car runs and drives well but doesn’t have near the power it originally did. I would say the best thing to do would be to finalize the throttle body/linkage setup, get some type of cold air intake and get it re-tuned. The back edge of the CF hood has some decent clearcoat peel that started a year or so ago. It’s not too bad but should be addressed before it becomes an issue.

I’m not sure what to ask for it, so I’ll start at $4,000. If you are seriously interested please let me know. If you need to ask your wife/girlfriend/whatever, please do so before wasting a bunch of our time asking hundreds of questions. I would prefer to sell it with everything I have for it but if there’s stuff you don’t want with it I’m sure we could work something out. I will not be parting it out (or selling any parts off it till the car is sold) so please don’t ask. If it doesn't sell, I'll be finishing up the intake, having the tune re-done and dropping it off at my parents so they can have a fun car to drive in the summer.


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Those wheels are so damn sexy. I wish I could buy this car right now.
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