Selling my 2000 citrus gold 2.5L automatic cougar. In Tacoma, WA. Cylinder 6 lost compression, read at 60psi. The battery is getting overcharged too, so probably an alternator issue. It's got BAT struts and springs that have around 3000 miles on them. Tan leather seats and a cup holder-no spiller! Seats in good condition other than drivers, but mold is starting to take over the interior. Driver's seat has the 6-way seat adjuster. About 132000 miles on the car. Rust in the usual places, but not really on the frame rails.

Trying to get rid of this by the end of the month. If no takers it's going to junk yard. I also have the 3 factory service manuals, stock springs, Jaged RSTB, and some gaskets too. Posting on FB marketplace too, but I'd really prefer to sell to someone on here.
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