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Okay...First of all, YES the STB WILL FIT all model year Cougars. There have been TONS of how-to's posted on this subject, but let's go through it one more time:

The "hose" you are referring to is the a/c (air conditioning) line. It is held in place by a clamp screwed to the driver's side strut tower. The clamp (and the screw holding it in place) are located about a foot down from the top of the tower. You need to reach down and take out the screw, and this will free the clamp and consequently, the a/c line itself. Then adjust the STB to its shortest length, (Do this by screwing the adjustment nuts ALL THE WAY TO THE CENTER of the center double-headed adjustment bolt, and then screwing the double-headed bolt ALL THE WAY into the STB ends themselves.) and slide the brace in BEHIND the a/c line (which will move freely about two to three inches forward of its stock location) and then adjust the STB outward (by turning the double-headed adjustment bolt) until the STB ends line up with the tops of the strut towers. Then simply mark the holes, drill them out slightly smaller than the size of the self-tapping screws, put in the screws and you are done! Don't forget to slide the black foam pad that covers the a/c line up to a point where it sits BETWEEN the STB and the a/c line so the two do not rub together.
Hope this answers all your questions!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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