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front bumper cover removal

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Ok.. I searched and got no results. Im looking for a how to on removing the stock front bumper cover. There seems to be a slight crack that didn't go thru the paint but i can see it under the paint. So i need to check to make sure its fixable before i do anything else.


edit: GF was at pepboys for me... and some ass backed into her at the red light. was a hard hit, since my vanity front plate is bent to shiz with a whole thru it < Sigh >
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First remove the front grille shroud. This is the thing right behind the grille.

Then remove the grille itself.

Remove the headlamps. Remove two screws, one near the grille, one at the other end, and loosen the one down behind the headlamp. If you actually remove it it's a PITA to put back in.

Remove the bumper cover fixings. These are the four fasteners under where the grille was.

Loosen the wheel nuts on the wheels.

Raise the car and remove the wheels.

Remove the radiator splash shield. There are 7 fasteners, two to each side and three in the middle.

Remove the fender splash shields. Looks to me like 7 fasteners on each one.

Detach the bumper cover side support brackets. They are at the wheelwell.

Disconnect the fog lamps.

Detach the bumper cover from the fender. Two screws on each side.

Remove the bumper cover.

Reverse to reinstall. ;)
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Originally posted by: Seth

PITA = Pain in the Ass

Or you can do what happened to me. Just let someone turn into you and take the bumper off....

"The above idea is not a suggested how-to, from NECO, or its Moderators".......
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or if you buy a shotty dragon z bumper the thing will just rip off whie driving down the road.
sorry just sounded funny.....
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