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It never ceases to amaze just how much Fraud can get away with. I popped along to my local main dealer today to get some bulbs, one for the hazard button on the steering column and one for the dashboard illumination thumbwheel, neither which have worked since I bought the car. Apparently the hazard button bulb only comes as a unit (though if you lift the cover there is a bulb holder there!) and is £33.00 + VAT. I laughed and so did the spotty youth in the spares dept "expensive cars cougars" he said with the snear of a moped rider. I then asked him about the dashboard illumination thumbwheel and guess what..........that comes as a unit too and is £74.00 + the VAT. We had a right laugh at that one, up until the point I emptied a handy litre of Motorcraft 15W40 on his spikey gelled head. Spose I'll have to go some where else and get them now I've calmed down :banghead:

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They must think we are dumb......I went into a local Renault dealer to get a dashboard bulb for my sisters Renault 21
They wanted £11.99 I thought that was expensive so I took details of the bulb to Halfords and picked one up...made by the same manufacture for £2.99

I think they are all at it........
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