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[Craig voice]
Well, you have to remove the lights from your car, open up the headlight housing, disasemble the lights. you'll be left with 2 black plastic peices... prep them by doing the usual prep work, then paint, seal up the lights once your done, and thats it.
[/Craig voice]

[Matt's voice]
Craig...shhhhhhhh... its easier to show him a how to, cause that was a horrible explanation. :cover:
Just go here CTC -
[/Matt's voice]

sorry Craig, i got really bored, and since i was able to get the first post, i took advantage of it.... i abused my power :cry: :tongue:

i think he/she gets the part about opening up your headlights ..
i would also like to know how you painted them duel colour .. or did you just painstaking mask them off and paint,
i want to know how you molded the corner reflector and materials used for it ..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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