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For Sale: My body kit except Front

In order to prepare for the total cost of my winter/spring body work I need to sell my old stuff. Therefore, I would like to offer CooGa first dibs on all the stuff for a month or two before I post in the For Sale section.

Kaminari Rear/ with bumper - The Kaminari rear is a single valence, that attaches to the stock bumper. Instead of taking it off and selling just that, Im selling the enitre rear bumper with Kaminari rear valence. Asking price is 220. Rear is in great shape and does not have the rear diffuser found on most Kam rears.

2001-2002 Razzi Sides - These have been on my car for about 5 months. They are in great shape and have no defects. These are not fiberglass either, they are ABS which means they are wayyy stronger than fiberglass. Asking 250

Razzi Hi-Rise Spoiler - Painted DT Green, has two slight scratches on the spoiler , but if you're color paint does not match mine a shop can fix this easily when you get it repainted to match your car. Asking 180

I also have

2000 Stock Front Bumper- Asking 150 obo

2000 Stock Dt Green Hood- Asking 150 obo

All stock parts are in great condition and includes grills.

Stock 2000 Headlight painted Silver Frost- Asking 50 obo. Can be used for scrap pieces of a test headlight.

Stock CD Changer- Asking 30 obo. Needs a cd cartridge

Stock DT Green Spoiler- Asking 70 obo

Stock Grey/Silver Cloth Seats- In EXCELLENT condition Asking 160 obo

Stock Sidemarkers- Free plus shipping

Stock Rims/Non Chrome - Asking 370 obo. Tires are in great shape!! You basically are paying for a set of tires and getting the rims for free

Some Audio Parts

- Bazooka EL1500 600 watt amp from my old system Asking 150. Still has two year warranty left.

I will be adding more things to this list so check back frequently.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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