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Hey all,

Just completed my first brake job on my 02 (got 35k out of the original pads). I did manage to screw up and buy the wrong size hex socket, even after checking the how to's, and I had to turn to a crowbar to free one wheel from the hub (managed to snap the ford lug tool in the process), but otherwise it was a straight forward job, even easier than some cars I have had in the past. It did suck doing it in 9 degree weather though.

Total time per wheel was well under 15 minutes from the time I cracked the lugs until the tire was back on, IF I do not count the 30 minutes per wheel I spent trying to get the damned caliper springs back on. Is there a trick to this I was missing? How do those of you with painted calipers manage to do it without scoring the hell out of them?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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