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Finally Took Some Pics, *New Headlights*

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Finally got around to taking a couple pitures, almost all the work had been in the last year. Next year, I will have a set of roush sideskirts, and a new front, either WW, Roush or Buddy Club 2. Check this out to see what it used to look like. (Gross exhaust)

I bought a set of 01-02 headlight this year. I painted them black, made a set of clear corners from that ceiling tile stuff, then niteshaded them black. I also added a set of Umnitza's demon eyes. And if you look close you can see my led's that are wired to my alarm

I know I need to drop my 4x4. I have had had these in my trunk for 4 months:

I talked to a couple shops and they either say no or quote me an arm and a leg to do it.
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hey man looks awesome! :bowdown: you need to lower that baby! whats them white dots all over your cougar??
Why would they charge so much all they have to do is switch the struts with the factory ones.
seems like you did the hard part - cutting the perches off.

I saved $100 on my installation cus I cut the perches off
Yeah, why are they saying "No" to installing those?

You should probably be able to do those yourself. Get with someone in Suspension Performance, and they should be able to help you get those things on. Gotta lose the 4x4 Cougar thing.
yea it urself with a buddy...i did my coilovers with a friend...the hardest part of it all...was prolly takin the springs off....
VERY clean cougar you have there!! I love the 01/02 headlights on 99's... thats why im converting. You ride will look awesome lowered.

I love the rear of your car, it so simple but elegant. I love the look of black cougs with tail light covers and nightshaded tails.... MMMM

please continue modding it
Nice clean fun for the whole family. Love it!!
Maybe some of the white spots are a reflection of the concrete on the car. Either way, that is one of the prettiest black Cougahs I've seen in a while! Nicely done!
Black is beautiful!
Originally posted by: MaverickFlyer
Black is beautiful!
Did you just call me beautiful??:ugh:

Nice coug btw! Yeah you can install those CO's yourself. The hard part was done when you cut the perches its just gettting them on and taking the stockies off. :thumbsup:
yeah i would do it myself, i called a few local shops to see what they would charge to put on some regular struts and i was told $133, plus a $60 alignment after they were on. me and a friend ended up doing it, all we did was went to autozone and rented the spring compressor($40 which you get back when you return it) and were done in little over an hour. it very easy.
love the rims
you got a mini keliente car on your hands... it looks sick
Looks really nice, once its lowered that will really set it off.
geez it's so black i thought i was looking at keliente's ex-cougar for a minute!
but only for a minute.
a brief minute, at that.
Thank you all for the comments. To KnappstamaN and ov3n, after seeing her car I knew I wanted mine to look somewhat like it. I was sad the day she posted pics all stripped down, and told us she was selling it. About the thing getting dropped.....I don't know why I've been told no. One shop told me that they won't deal with customers parts, only parts they carry/order. Hopefully early next week I can post some more pics of the thing lowered.
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