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Well I haven't really had a chance to write everything out on the car so I'll get to it now...

I picked the car up Friday and drove it back from OKlahoma got home at 2:30 Saturday morning.
It is a 1999 Silver Frost MTX, 53000 miles great condition
I bought it off of EdgeCat so it all ready had a few things done to it.
SCA cold intake
17" 35th anniversary rims
Visteon spoiler, Roush springs
01 grill
Precat modification
OMP cross-drilled front rotors w/ Mintex AF pads
B&M short throw shifter, taillight covers
Silver Frost dash accents
20% smoke tint on all 5 windows
Clear side markers
Since I have got it home I have installed
Trubendz dual exhaust with Borla muffler
Pioneer in dash CD/DVD player
Freedom Design strut bar
And I have bought:
Zex nitrous kit w/bottle blanket
I am suppose to be picking the nitrous kit and SVT stuff in the next week or so. Then all I have left to do is pick up some ground controls and the car will be pretty well under way.

That should put me pretty decent in the suspension and engine department. Then I'll be looking into hitting up some cosmetic stuff. I originally planned to go with the new Battle kit, but I'm now thinking about going with the Roush kit. I don't think I want to go all out with the battle kit since I want the car to be an all around car and a full kit really won't let me do that since I wouldn't want to mess it up.

So cosmeticlly looks like the plans will probably be:
Roush kit
Predator hood
And CC's X1 fenders

Hopefully all of that will be done by Cougar Fest.

I will get some pics up of the car as soon as it starts looking decent outside. Still haven't had a chacne to wash it since I got it home.

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:rofl: no way, its no longer a fair race :tongue: leave my poor little ATX alone

Sounds sweet Brandon, have fun breaking it in :thumbsup:

BTW what bank did you rob and do you have any money left over? :cover:

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I wish I would have robbed a bank that way I could get the black cougar back together. Looks like all the cosmetic stuff will be put on hold for a little bit. Just got my stuff for next semester and it got more expensive. Plus with moving to indy next year and living up there I will have even more bills. I know the engine/suspension stuff will be done by Cougarfest but the rest will be a maybe. Right now I just need to get the black cougar put back together and figure everything out from there.
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