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Hey guys, Im a complete newb to this site..this would be my first post here. Anyways, I have had my cougar a little over 3 months. I have a AEM intake and thats it. My goal in this game was to beat my friend who drives a standard 1.8L 2003 Sentra GXE...however he keeps whooping my automatic ass...I heard if you turn OverDrive would make your car "faster" off the line? is this true? i have no idea if the source where i got this from is could all be lies. Also, what is the stock horsepower of a ATX 2001 Cougar? roughly.

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It will modify the shift points and run each gear out a little longer...if your foot is on the floor it runs it the whole way anyway so it willn't help. Sorry to be the one to tell you but our cars are too heavy to be to out run too much...just remeber that your friends are is a 4 banger which = less weight...and the GXE is a decent car. Unforately with the auto you are really limited to what you can do to boost power; no turbo...mtx only. Have you found Jame's website, Custom he has just everything for our cars and is constantly working on new and better stuff for the cars.
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