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Favourite driving song ???

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Just wondering what your favourite song is to drive to.

Personally it's gotta be Just looking by the Stereophonics (that track rocks) or anything that's off Gran Turismo (makes you feel as though you're in the Skyline you just modded to 900+BHP)

Thought I'd just put that question out there.

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Toss up between:

Darude: Sandstorm

Econoline Crush: Never Enough

Garbage: Push It.
darude sandstorm/proclaimers 500 miles(no laughing please!)
Now this one I have perfected. As far as I am concerned, there is no one best song. You need the around town cruising tune such as Nelly - Dilemma or any 50 Cent track, the hot summers day tune, Nelly - Ride 'Wit Me, a racing tune, any drum and bass will do and then you have your other section such as dual carriageways or steadily moving traffic. This is where you can play your favourite tunes!! It may sound crazy but this is how i select my tunes that are playing in the motor!!! :thumbsup:

Depending on mood with me. I have just rediscovered 2001- Dr Dre, fantastic CD. But over the last couple of days it has got to be "The Beach Boys" greatest hits......:cool: I love the sun, me!
Good call on Dre mate :biggrin:

I agree with the Nelly cd and Any 50 cent track, how about sunny day track " summertime- Fresh prince(will smith) & jazzy jeff, oh the memories of cruising around Skegness in our suzuki soft-top jeep with this choon banging out!!!!!!! them were the days........Gav.
Summer time tracks. HHMMMM!!

Any early 90's hip-hop. LL Cool J, Warren G etc...etc

Also a track you've probably never heard which is a re-mix of Golden Brown by Kaleef.

Also so many others. 10CD changer currently holds Ja Rule, Nelly, Hip-hop compilation, Justin Timberlake, DJ Luck & MC Neat, Pink, Double Ministry compilation, Spin Doctors and Stereophonics.

Guns n Roses...You could be mine. :tongue:
:) I am 28 and female!!!!!!!!! I have two kids...Annie is 9 months and Jack is 3 and I burn around Norfolk with the kids in the back!!!!!! This is the best present my husband has ever bought me!!!!!!!!!!!! Mouse
I apologise for being I am not blonde :rofl: I posted the wrong reply to the wrong thread....I know typical computer illiteracy from a woman!!!!!!! however my favourite driving songs are anything by The Wildhearts, Devin Townsend , 'A' or Nickleback at the moment but as I drive my three year old to pre-school it tends to unfortunately compete with wheels on the bus!!!!!!!!:flushed:

regards Mouse
:thumbsup: Got to be 'Boys of summer' by Don Henley-from the Eagles, or some Banging 91-92 Hardcore!..:smoke-t:
WHEELS ON THE BUS! I haven't laughed so much in ages! Is it blasting out while you are doing 140mph?!
Originally posted by: NARD
:biggrin:There's only one track to listen to in the Cougar!!!Tee-hee!
Hell I'm tempted...but then there's the Japanese samurai tobacco pipe and case :biggrin:
What to do?.....I used to be indecisive but now I'm not so sure :crazy:
Actually I think it's an opium pipe, but I couldn't advertise as that really!:smoke-t::smoke-g:
Originally posted by: NARD
Actually I think it's an opium pipe, but I couldn't advertise as that really!:smoke-t::smoke-g:

Has to be drum and bass ( especially with latin beat over tones for the summer ) or some phat beat hip hop. As and older tune, Funkdoobiest's Super Ho ranks high with some of the deepest bass ever. Gets the head bopping.
As I dabble in my own mixing my CD player is constantly changing it's selection.
Got to be 'Movin on Up' on the long motorway runs and also great in traffic jams!
After Rod Stewart, Windy City on the Spanner in the Works album I have a good jazz selection touring with me ! Jools Holland' Avenue C takes some beating as does Jonny Lang' Lie to Me and Norah Jones, Come Away with Me. Tend to lose a bit of (driving) concentration though with that last one !
some good choices so far, but after seeing paul mccartney last night in liverpool 'live and let die' will be playing in the cat for a while
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