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FAQ - Check here FIRST! Wheels, Tires and Brakes

Here are some answers to frequent questions in this forum.

My steering wheel shakes at certain speeds, what's wrong with them? - This is normally a balance issue. If you are experiencing this issue your wheels require balancing. If this doesn't solve the problem, an alignment may need to be performed. This is true for those driving on larger wheels.

Also when putting on new rims, you have to make sure the clips that the factory puts over the wheel studs to help secure the rotors are removed. These will cause issues with your rims, as they will prevent your rims from being mounted flush to the hub and also cause your wheels to be unbalanced. .

What are the Cougars bolt pattern? - The Cougars have the 4x108 mm or 4x4.25 inch. This means that there are 4 nuts bolting the wheel onto the studs (hub) and they are either 108mm or 4.25" of space between the studs (2.125" [2 1/8"] from the center).

Will other bolt pattern sizes fit such as 4x100 or 4x113? - NO, unless you are willing to custom drill your wheels to the correct bolt pattern. Another possiblity is changing out the hub assemblies and modifying them to fit another bolt pattern. Either option is very expensive and NOT worth the money to do.

Which size brake discs do I need to purchase for the front? - Do you have the sport or non-sport package? Sport package cougars have foglights, 16" wheels and a raised speed limiter, along with more features. If you have the sport package, you will need the 278 mm size discs. If you have a non-sport package they are 260 mm in size.

I have drum brakes in the rear, can I convert to disc brakes? - Yes you can. This modification has been performed. Perform a search on rear disc brake conversion. Here is a link to the rear disc brake conversion by Jesse King.
Rear Disc conversion How To

What are the factory tire sizes?
15 inch wheels - 205/60 15 inch tires
16 inch wheels - 215/50 16 inch tires
17 inch wheels - 215/50 17 inch tires

What do the numbers mean on the side of the tires? - These are tire sizes. There are a wide range of tire sizes for each size wheel (rim). Websites like can give you a better understanding.
1. The first 3 numbers (eg.215/50 16 inch tires) represent the width of the tire in mm, basically the tread.
2. The second set of numbers (eg 215/50 16 inch tires) represent the percentage of sidewall to tread. Using the example if it is a 215 mm wide tire the 50 indicates that the sidewall thickness is 50% of the tires width
3. The letters stand for various speed ratings based on the tire and its performance rating, basically the further down the alphabet you go, the better the speed rating.
4. The last set of numbers (eg. 215/50 16 inch tires) is the wheel's diameter using inches

What size wheels are my factory wheels? - See part 4 of the previous question.
15" wheels resemble fan blades.
16" wheels have 6 spokes, generally with either a cougar logo or the word "COUGAR" written on it.

Will 225/50/16 tires fit my stock 16" wheels? - Yes they will. This has been commonly done as it seems the 225/50/16 series tires are slightly cheaper and easier to find than the 215/50 series.

I'm looking to get larger rims, What size tires will I need to buy? - This is known as plus sizing.
For 17 inch wheels it is normally recommended for 225/45 17 inch tires or the factory 215/50 17 inch (based off of
For 18 inch wheels it is normally recommended for 225/40 18 inch tires or 215/40 18 inch tires
For 19 inch wheels it is normally recommended for 225/35 19 inch tires

For a better comparison and understanding, use this link from or try 1010

What are hubcentric rings? - These are generally plastic rings that are mounted onto the hub (part where the wheel mounts to). The Cougar's hub size is 63.4mm. Since most aftermarket wheels have a 73mm hub spacing, hub rings fill in the gap. This provides better balancing and distributes the weight evenly preventing premature stud failure. It is highly recommended to purchase a set as they are fairly cheap (20 dollars at most).

63.4mm sized hub rings are the most common. Discount Tire Direct offers metal hub rings specific to the cougar platform and offer them in the correct size needed for your wheel. This is probably the best source to purchase high quality hub rings and a great price.

Places to find Hub rings:

Discount Tire Direct: 1-800-589-6789

Tire Rack: 1-888-541-1777

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RE: FAQ - Check here FIRST! Wheels, Tires and Brakes

I called discount tire direct who said that the cougar should have a 63.4mm hub ring. They have them in stock, and it cost $15 for all four in metal. I had to call: 1-800-589-6789

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RE:FAQ - Check here FIRST! Wheels, Tires and Brakes

Yes, i ordered them too last week and i was told it was 63.4mm.

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RE: FAQ - Check here FIRST! Wheels, Tires and Brakes

The ones I got from TireRack (made by Gorilla) with my Koseis are 63.36 mm.
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