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Not definately considering it yet, but am wondering what I could expect to fetch for my car if I decided to unload it. I might be moving into the city soon so will sadly not be using it much, and do not want to have to deal with the hassles of street parking or the costs of a garage. The bluebook seems a little high considering what I see others go for.

2002 Parchment gold Sport ultimate (essentialy every option on the 02 line)
40,000 miles- just came off warranty with no issues, also just had a break job
new tires (firestone gta02s)
Body in perfect shape, but missing one centercap
sunroof, leather, traction control, abs, power drivers seat
interior is spotless
Located in North Jersey

If I did decide to sell I would want to move it within a month or two, so I could not wait around forever for the best price. Wondering what I could expect a dealer to pay knowing I would not buy somthing else from them, or a private party.

Also does anyone know how it works when you want to sell your car but still owe on it? I have the cash to pay it all off, but would not want to do it until I had the buyer locked in. I would imagine it takes some time to get the title and evrything turned around, and that this would be a hassle to selling it private party.

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Its not that big of a deal to sell private party.. They get loan, pay you with loan, you sign over title. You will get probably 2k more for it privatly that what the dealer would give you on trade. Check out they have very realistic used car values. Kelly blue book is way overpriced, you will NEVER get what they say for your car. Also check the classifieds and see what they go for in your area, sometimes location makes a big difference.

Edit- If you still owe money on your car and you trade it in, you can roll over the extra money onto the new loan. Thats what i did, and it sucks. :)
If you have the cash to pay it off, do that instead.
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