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Factory hose info needed

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Im replacing the valve cover gaskets on my new to me 99', and making a list of needed repairs to start buying parts. Noticed an intake hose was dangling (right side of bellows) and broken, then this broken hose end on my cover. I'm guessing its the same hose? Anyone know a part number or part description to start my search? The broken hose I do still have is half gone and no part number visible. Thanks for any and all help!
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That’s a vent tube - one runs from each valve cover back to the intake bellows. The ends on the covers are rubber but the rest is a hard line on the rear, soft line on the front.
You wont find a new replacement part, and you don't want a junkyard part. Improvise with off-the-shelf hose and fittings.
Advance has it
Yep, well they had the 45 degree boot that goes on the valve cover anyway. I can heat bend some hard vacuum line and add a fat vac connector for the rest.
thanks guys for the help!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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