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Well i know our o2 sensors aren't the best, but logging them and taking averages in excel as well as drawing graphs can help a little....

anyhow besides running lean at idle, so taking out all o2 sensor values where i'm idling i get the following arithmetic and deviation averages... (values taking during a 2-3 minute cruise)

bank 1: aritmetic = 0.36389, deviation = 0.451863
bank 2: aritmetic = 0.45088, deviation = 0.575181

notice bank 2 runs slightly richer than bank 1... is this ok, it's not much but i wanted to make sure...

i have also logged other items, and noticed that once in a while i bog.... turns out when i bog (always happens during a slow cruise) my MAF signal goes way out of range just for 1-2 data points....

besides that when i get on the gas and go WOT i run fairly rich, which is a good thing in my book....
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