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Exhaust Experts !

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i have a custom Yodude but i put a SuperTurbo Dynomax instead of UltraFlow Dynomax u think i'm losing power using SuperTurbo and if i put an UltraFlow instead of SuperTurbo is it gonna be way louder ??

Thnx for the help guys
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hehe no one have a clue ?
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The Ultraflow is a better muffler. It should be no louder than the super turbo and would probably sound a little better. You might get 1hp more with the Ultraflow, but nothing noticable. I would just leave it alone..
To my understanding, the Ultraflow is a much louder muffler from what I've read/heard in the past. I could be wrong as I have no 1st hand experience with that muffler, but just going off of hearsay here.
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