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so defeted you just wanted to sit on the floor and cry for about an hour??

I'm making something for Jen for x-mas. It's a display case. See her brother died at 14 from bone cancer. Every year her family donates $1000 to Blank Childrens hospital. Well when you do that they make a star and paint it all groovey like and engrave whatever you want in it. Naturally it has her brothers name. Well Jen has one of these stars. And for the longest time has wanted something to put it in. The star is a fair size at 9" high. 8" wide so it's hard to find anything. I was thinking shadow box but there is also stuff on the back and Jen wanted to be able to see that as well.

So fast forward to me looking up woodsmiths in the phone book. See a place called the Woodsmith store. basically they sell plans, tools and supplys. Cool, I check it out. Nothing fit the bill I guess. Well i did see plans for a holiday lantern. OK so i thought if I strech it out, replace the panels with glass, don't install the light. Ok so what about tools. Liveing in an apt. dosen't allow you to have a wood shop. lol Call Jen's dad. He just happens to have all the basic things I will need.

Ok so I buy wood. Costs me $150 cause you have to buy the boards in 8' lengths and I need 4 different thicknesses so I have 32' of wood and really only need maybe 4 ft at the max. This is getting expensive but I figure it will be worth it on x-mas day and Jen opens this up.

So I get to work. I had to modify the plans because I was missing a tool needed to follow the plans excatly. Well today a co-worker brang that tool for me to borrow. Back to the store to buy the wood needed. I spent 4 hours re-doing half the project and I find out even with the proper tool I still can't get it to work because my experiance is lacking and I haven't developed the skills needed to do what I want. So needless to say I felt like crap. I had to start over on all those pieces and amazingly out of that 32' of wood I now have about 10' left cause I have had to re-do so much lol

Sorry to have made this so long but I just needed to vent. I'm about 80% done. I'm ready for glass which I will buy tomorrow night. Then I just need to test fit everything then I can sand it smooth, apply a finish and assemble it. I'll have to post some pics when I'm done. I actually am quite excited about this and despite the set backs I'm kind proud of how i am doing. I don't think I have tried to get anything as perfect as I have this. I know how special it will be to Jen and it has to be just right :)
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