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looking for info. and suggestions. It looks like I will be acquiring a set of ported SVT heads and cams....

What I really want to do is mate them with a 3.0 block and drop them in, but that is out of my budget and will take a long time to achieve it. So.......
Should I just upgrade my stock 2.5? I already have the SVT UIM/LIM and TB installed and have 19lb injectors waiting to be installed.....
I'm thinking the 2.5 upgrade will put me close to 200HP at the crank?

What do you all suggest?


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To be honest...

Mating these SVT heads to your 2.5 block will cost you about the same as mounting these same heads to an 3.0 block.

You have to pull the engine, have it timed by a professional shop, and such with EITHER engine you go with. 2.5 or 3.0

the 3.0/svt hybrid block will however net you about 200 hp To the Wheels!

I recommend you check out the 3.0 forum.
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