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I just bought a 99 merc cougar that had the 2.5l svt engine swap. The car is overheating at idle and during take off in reg city driving. On the highway the car runs fine. The only way i can keep the vehicle from overheating is running the A/C. Which seems kinda odd cause doesnt it put more strain on the engine therefore making it work harder??? Ive changed the thermostat and the car ran fine for a little while but now its acting up again. CEL codes are basicly reporting EGR problems. I just bought a new Coolant switch and im going to switch it out, thinking maybe its going bad. The guy that sold me the car said that hes had it at the ford place and they told him that the car is not overheating. Something could be wrong with the ECU. I know more about working on an F/A-18 Fighter Jet then a car so im pretty much clueless. If anyone knows any suggestions as to what this could be, would be much appreciated. Thanks!!
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Get a SVT radiator. Bolts right in and is much larger than the stock cougar radiator. You can get them from for about $100 shipped to your door. They came off of 1998-2000 SVT Contours. The car shouldn't be overheating as it is right now though. Try a coolant flush.
Thanks for the info, ill look into that around this weekend, ill let you guys know the outcome.
Fan switch or bad fan switch wiring- Your fans aren't coming on when they're supposed to (225°F). The A/C forces the fans to come on, keeping air moving across the radiator fins.

Oh, yeah- An SVT radiator would help, but get the switch problem fixed before you do damage! :tongue:
Im gona buy a new water pump for my car. I hear there only good to about 60,000 miles. Maybe this would help your car.
your cooling fans arent coming on. there is probably a bad switch or other problem in that circuit. the ac fan comes on when your ac is turned on so it is doing double duty. find out why the fan isnt ocming on and you will stop overheating.
Cooling fan relay.
wheres the cooling fan relay?
Well just got done changing the Coolant tempature switch, and ran her around the block a couple of times then sat and waited. Everything seemed good so far, hopefully this will fix the problem. Thanks for all your posts, ill let you know in a couple of days as to how it goes.
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