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Engine not reaching operating temp

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as the title says iv had a 2000 4banger 5spd for about a week now and the only time iv gotten it to reach operating temp is when i held it at 2k RPMS for the 7 min or so it took to injest the bottle of seafoam. any ideas on where to start?
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first thing is to put it on a scan tool and see what the PCM is reading for the temp. also check the temp of the upper radiator hose or thermostat housing to confirm the temp. the next step depends on your findings from those 2 things.
worked on cars for 12+ years luke warm to the touch uppper and lower hose
My coug when it was running was always slow to warm up. The temp gauge in the dash didn't move from cold unless I sat for a bit after running it around town.

Maybe there's no thermostat in yours, could explain the lukewarm hoses.
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I thought I was the only one that had this issue... 80-95 mph for about 40mins I've replaced the thermostat both summers before this one and the ect sensor this last summer and my water pump got replaced when my timing belt snapped.

I was thinking it might be because my exhaust broke after the catalytic converter and the 2nd o2 sensor is disconnected 😅 but idk
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I don’t know about your 4-cylinder, but the V6 has 2 coolant temp sensors. Could also be a bad cluster. I’d throw it into diagnostic mode and see what the actual temp is reading that way. Run a quick search to see how to use diagnostic mode, that could give you more insight.
Mine doesn't work either and it's because I replaced my cluster and when I did I think I stretched the terminals out and so now it doesn't work. I'm just going to run new gauge that's all electric.
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