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I am putting a Clifford on my '99 V6 Cougar and I need to know the colour and position of the following wires under the sterring wheel: -

Parking Light Wire
Interior Light
Door Switch wire (is it + or - for door open)
Bonnet Switch
Boot release
Door Release




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the parklight wire is located behind the parlight switch i think its white but don't hold me too it best thing to do is to meter it out and be sure the door pin is a negative trigger should be able to work the dome light thourgh that wire as well pulse it to ground and see what happens as far as the other descriptions i have no clue what you mean

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sorry i cant help you with your question, but i have a question of my own. what does that pic of the cougar brake light have to do with anything!?

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well lets see..according to the wire magic digram thing i have from my alarm...(i have a 99 i4, i assume ford light wiring is the same)

parklights-----> Red/yellow and red/blue..rear left and right are independent and have to be isolated from each other and the switch itself. <--located @ light switch harness, positive pulse

dome light---> ?

Doors driver side
LOCK--->Yellow/green, in the drivers kick panel, negative pulse
UNLOCK---->WHite/Green, in drivers kick panel, negative pulse
both of those wires can be found at the antitheft module behind glove box
UNlock requires 2 pulse to unlock all doors
DOOR PIN---->Black/blue (R) and BLack/Yellow (L), found at antitheft module..Negative pulse
FACTORY ARM--->Black/Blue in drivers kick panel, negative pulse,this wire will also lock and unlock doors
FACTORY DISARM---->Black/White, found in drivers kick panel, will also lock and unlock doors, negative pulse

Trunk pin--->Black/Orange, negative pulse found at anti theft module.

bonnet switch---> never heard of sorry

boot release----> never heard of that either...sorry..unless that is the hand brake and it is the black/red wire at the handbrake lever and its a negative

i hope some of that helps...i am no wire god nor do i even know if these are accurate..that is what wire magic's tech page gave me...please test the wires first before cutting or doing anything of luck...i had someone else do mine and he said the wires were a little crazy in there..i hope you can find them..
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