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Ok, so the check engine light came on the other day. I had it scanned and a code P0402 came up. (Excessive flow in the EGR system). I do not want to start throwing parts at it, so i was wondering if anyone has had this same code before. And also, would this cause a moosing type noise?
Edit: It only has about 56k on it.
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The moosing noise is the IACV. I'm not sure about the EGR problem though.
EGR is an easy fix. When I had this same problem, the ford dealership told me that most likely I had a bad DPFE sensor. (I think it is DPFE anyways... I might be wrong, but they will know what you are talking about.) This sensor is supposed to cause this CEL code. If you replace the sensor and you still get the CEL like I did, you can replace the EGR valve yourself. It is one of the easiest things to repair. I did mine in about 10 minutes. I think the part was like $60 or so. I can type you up a how-to if you want. Just PM me.
Yeah, but the sensor is about 60 and the valve is about 60. I didnt really want to throw parts at it, but if it ends up being cheaper that a dealer, what the heck.
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