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since the server crashed and we lost all that data i decided to redo the whol ghetto ram air thing. its really simple it jsut takes some patience. i'm writing the solely off of memory so some sutff is kinda fuzzy


-10mm socket w/extension
-torx bit set (i dont' know which size at the moment)
-philips #2 screwdriver
-lug wrench
-allot of patience (its worth it i promise)
-maybe a hammer, wrench or sumthin else

-some sort of duct for the air to flow through, i used a portion of an a/c system from an explorer and fresh air duct from autozone
-case of mt dew
-those plastic locking zipper tie thingies

ok here we go:

1. first you need to jack up the front drivers side to remove the tire with the lug wrench (a lift or jack stands makes this easier and safer but a regular jack will definately do)
2. make sure the jack is secure theres nuthin worse than havin a 3000 lb cat fallin on your 8 lb head
3. there are about 9 bolts that require the 10mm socket holding up the plastic shield under the bumper, remove those using the extension when needed
4. remove the two 10mm bolts in the fenderwell and the few phillips screws (there may be a plastic plug or two but its been so long i can't remember)
5. bend back the plastic or remove it all for maximum clearance

ok drink a mt dew or two heres where the patience comes in

6. using a torx bit remove the screws holding the stock drawtube stuff secure (i couldnt' reach the one by the power distribution box so i just ripped all of it out like the big man i am :) ) but before you rip that part out take as much of it out from the inside as possible.

ok so the plastic crap is gone see all that frickin room!? yes i know what your thinking and yes ford is stupid for nto utilizing this

7. there is a metal flap or two from the fender thats jsut there from molding it from the factory, usning a hammer or wrench or sumthin bend it back to make room for a 3" tube (even after its bent back the squeeze will be fairly tight), or better yet cut the flaps off, i couldn't find anything to cut it though

CAUTION: do not bend the metal in such a way that it bends part of the fender people see. as long as you bend it carefully to avoid this you'll be ok

8. drink a DEW

9. work the fresh air duct through the stock drawtube hole and through the empty space in the fender as far as it will go (you may not need more duct but mine came in a 3 foot lenght so i used some a/c duct) about 6 feet of duct should get you to where you can get cold air shoved in there

10. work it up to the front of the lower grill and secure it bending stuff out of the way as needed

note: there is a piece of frame or something but i stripped one of the nuts so i just bend the sucker back cause its

11. put everything back on the plastic in the fender will be a tight squeeze mroe than likely(i left the plastic shield off the front cause i think i get more air flow that way)

12. make sure the hose has a good shot at the filter and enjoy your lack of heat soak and firmer throttle response

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Hey, looks cool, but why don't we go completely ghetto and fashion a bigger intake at the bottom, out of say, a transmission funnel, which is more oval than round.

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I used to have something almost identical. It allows the high-flowing KKM to use the stock fender draw to get cold air. It is essentially some heat ducting and clamps. About $10 total. It worked well in the summer. I removed it for the winter, because here in Chicago, it's cold enough that you don't need it.
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