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Ebay Coil overs

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Are these trash?

Sorry for the lame question but my parents need a Christmas list!:wave:
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ya get what ya pay for, thats all i can say
Do it right the first time... Ground Control.
Originally posted by: ignernt
Do it right the first time... Ground Control.
amen brotha
Originally posted by: ignernt
Do it right the first time... Ground Control.
Preach on brotha Don!!!
That's da truth ya speakin there!!
I think that they would work fine... They are actually going to be my christmas present to myself! I just can't see spending the extra cash on ground controls if there is a cheaper alternative... Maybe the ground controls would handle better or something, but I haven't heard of anyone doing a side to side comparison. This topic comes up all the time - and everyone always says ground controls are better - but I haven't as of yet heard why they are better! Here is a link to a car that has them installed... I think they look good.

LostRacer's Car on CougarDB.Com
To elaborate, there simply is no better Suspension mod. Ground Control not only allows you to lower your vehicle so that it scrapes the ground, there is absolutely no pitch, no roll, and no nosedive once you install the kit. You've heard of "stop on a dime?" Try "corner on a dime." As soon as you touch the wheel the car responds. There's nothing like installing a mod and then laughing hysterically when you test it out... laughing uncontrolably in complete amazement at what a difference there is.
I think I might try these out too. For the price, it's worth a shot.
1 more vote for doing it right the first time.
:thumbsup: GroundControls :thumbsup:
:shrug:No Problems with mine:shrug:
I will be ordering a set shortly, so I will let everyone know how they are. I need to do something - my car looks like you could drive a freakin bus under it!


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I think that for now I am going to use the stock ones because I will have the coilovers all the way up for the winter anyways... I'll probably replace the struts in spring. That way I can break up the expense a little, and don't have to pay it all at once.
where woud some one {myself } obtain the ground control kits adn would a for lincoln mercury dealership know how to install them no i dont have a warranty with them anymore any info??
The instructions that come with the Ground Controls are crude to say the least.
1 sheet with hand drawn pictures

I believe there are two "how-to install" threads here are on the boards.

Here's one from StreetConcepts-

How To - Ground Control
I've already ordered some, and they're probably going on this weekend! I'll try to take plenty of pics. BTW, that Reddogmotorsports seller is great. My coil's came from Cali to Georgia in like 5 days!
Detailed how to on suspension.

You'll find this one alot more helpful than the page I put up. I just did mine to demonstrate what was involved b/c I was the first to have them made for the Cougar. I organized the initial group buys and brought these to market from Ground Control. That was awhile ago :)
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