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Well, I had to get a new computer, with new code, this week so all those previous runs are basically useless now. I am going to the dyno tomorrow June 2nd, at around 7pm to see how the new computer compares to the old. Prior to changing out the computer, I had installed a SVT MAF and the car does feel even stronger now.

Granted, some tuning will be necessary as the idle quality is kaputs. That is the only trade off. Otherwise, there is more power everywhere. But enough about my car, and it's a long story about the computer.

Dyno runs are to include tests with Diablo chips. 2xtremes is going to be testing the standard SFG0 program in his SVT. This is not a custom chip but the off the shelf standard program.

Also there will be ZX2 testing out the YWX0 Diablo chip, with standard program, and another testing out after results of the installation of the CTA Motorsports aluminum intake kit.

Oughta be fun, but sorry for the short notice.
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