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i have aftermarket brake pads on my car now that were supposed to reduce the amnt of brake dust. no change. i still have almost black wheels in a week and some dust on the body. until i can get the money to buy "dustless" pads (greenstuff or the like) i am stuck w/ the ones that are on there now. i was wondering is there any way to keep the dust from stickin' to the wheels as much? b/c as it stands right now, i can clean the wheels today and i have to dust em two days later. any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
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wax on the wheels probably would be your best helps with mine . I usually use the spray on stuff and it makes the next cleaning a lot easier
There are wheel covers that go on the inside of the wheel. they have them mostly for high dollar imports as a factory option. but I am sure you could pick up a set for the coug as well.
Bad idea to use those covers, they reduce the ability for the brakes to naturally cool, plus they look ugly behind our style of rims. ;) Just wax the crap out of the rims and it should be easier to clean.
thanks....i'm gonna be waxin' the hell outta those sombitches.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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