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Dtec Heat Shield - Yo Wendy!

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I just got one of these used off of a member... how the hell do I install it? it looks like it needs to bolt up to something.. Wendy: do you have any under the hood pics of your car? where do you have that breather attached to? help me please... heh!

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Gosh good question... I use to have pics of under my hood but I don't have them on this computer. Let me look tonight and see if I can get my roomamte to take some pics for ya. This might be a couple days to post the pics since I don't see my roommate too much since he is always on the GO.. But like I said I can look tonight for ya and let ya now ASAP, OK chicky pooh...........;)
thank you sweetie... get some nice close up shots too eh? :)
OK I am still working on it for ya chick pooh. I have to get a camera one of these days. hopefully, i will get some today or tonight for ya. Sorry for the delay. I thought that the K&n site might have some pics too. maybe check that out too.:wave:
Hopefully I can figure it out.. if not I will designate Capt. Timmy as the installation wizard to figure it out.. :biggrin:
I'll get it to work one way or another. :biggrin:
Umm.. in MY car babe.. not yours ;)
I don't need one.
Looks like Crispy no longer needs one either ;) Amen to prototyping shizzy :biggrin:
anyone wanna buy it from me? from what I hear its the bomb sheeenizzle!
okay - I sell to you - contact me for details and whatnot... it's still in the box and ready to go back to Colorado... haha!
how much for the heat shield?
30 bucks?
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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