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hey guys the guy at my body shop called today and said he tried to start on my Drift kit but it didn't want to fit i thought ok it cant be bad but then he said the sides are like 3 INCHEs short and said he would half to break um and refiberglass it to make it fit

is this normal any hints or ANYTHING you guys got can help
ALSO Approx how much $$ did you spend to get the whole kit prepped painted and installed?

do you suggest self tapping screws for the skirts IF he can fix it? how much more $$$$$$ to molding it?
i am also looking for how to's any links will be nice.

THAKS a TON i appreciate any hints or help


damn~! three inches short? thats crazy.... have you fitted the sides up to your car to see how it looked before hand? Honestly from what Ive heard from everyone I would mold those sides on. Self tapping screws and POP rivets are not the way to go. Originally my old sides were put on with pop rivets and I absolutely hated it.

You may also want to ask your shop about Urethane seam sealing. Its a cheaper alternative to fiberglass molding, doesnt require painting of the entire quarter panels, looks just as good, and is way more durable because of being urethane.
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