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looks nice. i like the color, its different. but a few things:
1), its missing something....maybe a grill?
2) that shifter is frickin huge!
3) he says the rims are 17 inches, but they look really small in the pic of his grafics on the side.
4) why are there like 4 warning lights lit up in his gauges?
5) what kind of 3rd break light cover is that? ive never seen one like that before....custom?
and 6) the front sags like a dragon z around the headlights

those 4 warning lights (check engine, battery, oil, and seatbelt...but please correct me if i'm wrong)normally show up when you first start up the engine or if you just leave the key turned to the on position....and yes, that shifter is almost as tall as the empire state building...almost....
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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