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Doing Z3's this weekend

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I am going to install my Z3 fenders this weekend, has anyone done this and had any problems with it, I know how to do it just need to know what may come up unexpected. Thanks.
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the only problem i had was fittin the sidemarkers in....that was a bioootch, had to ghettofy it by puttin plastic ties on the inside....gonna be a pain in the ass when one of the bulbs blow out though..... but guess i'll just wait and tackle that when it comes
I had to drill all the holes out bigger for proper fitment. I also ground away at the sidemarker hole to make it fit bigger. I also had to dremel out the holes where the rectangular tabs go in for the mirror molding. When drilling, make sure the drill is in reverse, or you'll shred the fiberglass to pieces.
yea I had to do all that stuff as well but it turned out looking really good all done in 3 hours and didnt even have to take off the hood.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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