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does anyone know what those things are called on seatbelts?

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does anyone know what those things are called on seatbelts that prevent the buckle from sliding down to the floor?
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Hrrrrmmm. I had to buy one of those for my Saturn, but I can't remember what they called it... "Web-something..." Web-stop? Web-button? Web...

sheesh. Sorry.
Those pieces aren't even listed in the Ford Parts Database... looks like if you need them, you'll have to grab them off a junked Coug or buy the entire assembly...
On the Saturn, it was like a plastic rivet. A 2-piece affair. One half of it had a pin-like appendage, and looked like a thumb-tack. The other half had a hole. You stuck the pin thru the web, and snapped the other end on it, then snapped off the tip.

Heck, go to a Saturn dealership and get one, I'm sure it will work. I was able to explain it to them well enough, and they got me one. It was in stock, even...
I actually want to use it on my Blazer - I can't imagine them being more then a few dollars... I think I'll take a trip by my local saturn dealer tomorrow! ;) THX
make your own just stick a screw or a bolt in there lol be creative
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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