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Does anyone know how to install a 99 cougar rear bumper

I am looking to take off my ground effects and throw on a recycled OEM bumper for the winter. Its already snowing here so thats why this is marked urgent, heh. I have bought the 9 push in retainers I need, just need a hand on the procedure. Just to know how to take off the bumper would be enough, I can reverse the operation to put the other bumper on. Your help would be greatly appreciated , ride on.

Brent W from NY :hitit::smoke-g:

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1. Remove the rear lamp assemblies. For additional information, refer to «Section 417-
2. Loosen the right-hand and left-hand rear wheel nuts.
3. Raise and support the vehicle. For additional information, refer to «Section 100-02».
4. Remove the rear wheels.
5. Detach the anti-lock braking system sensor and the brake pad wear wiring from the clips.
6. Remove the fender splash shields.
7. Detach the bumper cover from the fenders.
8. Detach the license plate lamps.
9. Disconnect the license plate lamp electrical connectors.
10. Remove the bumper cover lower fixings.
11. Remove the bumper cover upper fixings.
12. Remove the bumper cover.


1. Remove the rear bumper cover. Refer to the procedure in this Section.
2. Remove the nuts (both sides).
3. Remove the bumper.

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hey brandon a few quick questions

1) Where does "refer to «Section 100-02»" and "refer to «Section 417-" actually refer too? Don't know
where to go to find this extra information.

2) "5. Detach the anti-lock braking system sensor and the brake pad wear wiring from the clips." I'm wondering
where this would be located. Is it just in plain sight, like I'll be able to figure it out? Just clips, no complication?

3) Same question different statment "6. Remove the fender splash shields." & "7. Detach the bumper cover from the fenders."
Is this the same thing as the fire wall? Just sqews? And in removing the sheild does that take care of dethaching cover from fenders?

Sorry for such nagging I just dont want to sqrew up, it's my only means of transportation. Thanks again brandon.

HERES A PICTURE OF MY COUG \/ click "First try 007.jpg" \/ :biggrin:
P.S. - thats just fingerprints on my car, shows up on black really well, haha. What I Did To My Coug:

AeroGear X-Treme ground effects
18" Kazera KZ-S Rims Imported from Japan
Yokohama Parada Spec-2 35 series
2 12" JL Audio subwoofers
2 400 JBL Amps - 1 for each subwoofer
1 470,000 micro farad capacitor for amplifiers
Clarion "extreme blue" 55x4 CD player w/ remote
15% tint on back end, 35% on driver passenger

No engine mods though, just cosmetics and audio right now.

Ride On,
Brent W


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1. He was probably copying it from a Ford Manual CD (or something similiar)

2. Never done it...but should be in clear sight. Don't know why you have to remove these...unless they get in your way somehow.

3. Fender shields are the black plastic thing in the wheel wells. They are just screws and bolts...and then they will be disconnected from everything. Then go ahead and take off the bumper cover (2 bolts on each side going into quarter panel...3 tabs on the back bottom (by exhaust)...and a few push tabs on top by the lights and trunk).
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