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the flywheel for the ATX, is the 01 different than the 95-00?

the reason im asking is i got an 01 CD4E in my contour, and the torque convertor didnt quite reach the flywheel.

well i pulled it out a bit, and now my tranny does not engage when put in drive.

im thinkin i need to pull the engine and swap?

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Only real gearheads use the term flexplate. You talk to any mechanic or Ford parts guy and they use the term flywheel. What exactly are you swapping here? I believe the ATXs are the same for all year duratec vehicles. When you put the torque converter back in did you make sure it was in all the way? Sometimes it doesn't go in straight and the tranny will not bolt back onto to the engine as easily.


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the flywheels are indeed different

the 01 cougar flywheel sticks out more. the 01 CD4E torque convertor is also thinner.

i pulled the engine, swapped flywheels, and it bolted to the torque converter without an issue at all!

of course i re seated the torque converter

i didnt have to pull it out over an inch for the studs to through the flywheel holes like i did the first time around.

i took some pics of them side by side

the 01 cougar is on the left, the 95-00 contour is on the right

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