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Did You Remove Your 5 MPH bumper???

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I have noticed that most, if not all, fiberglass bumper covers require the removal of the "5MPH" bumper. I am in the process of fixing my cougar and have found a remedy for this problem in the past. I am taking plastic and covering all the parts of my car body that I do not want the foam to stick too and the inside of the front bumper cover above the "snout". I am installing 1 - 1/2" x 2" stainless steel bolts with nylock nuts on each side where the old plastic bumper used to mount. Spray the foam inside the bumper cover and some onto the front of the car where the old bumper used to mount (covering the bolts too). Allow plenty of time for the foam to expand and fill the bumper as much as you are comfortable with and to bridge the gap between the bumper and car framework. If the stuff sags or covers anything up you dont want covered you can very easily trim it off and paint over it if necessary.
I also took 6 pop rivets and put them up through the bottom of my bumper and am filling the lower bump out to help strengthen it and support it. I took 1/2: copper TUBING and fabricated braces to run from the bottom lip to the area of the car frame for stability and support. I also ran some from the outside, bottom to a different frame area to keep it from flexing. I used copper tubing because if you hit something copper will give, unlike emt conduit, you hit something using emt and it will shatter the fiberglass. I also took a 8' piece of copper PIPE and formed it to fit inside the inside of the lower bump out, trimmed to length and secured it with pop rivets too. I have done this on all 5 of the front bumper kits I have installed and on some of the rear ones too along with the side skirts. Adds a lot of strength and ridgity. all for only around $30 and 2 to 3 lbs of weight. I like the idea of having something up there besides the fiberglass to absorb little bumps. Instead of having shattered fiberglass I only usually have to deal with a small crack here and there.
By the way, The front end I ordered (drift kit from ) only required cutting off a 1/2" x 3" piece where it attached to the fenders, everything else fit perfectly and the bumper came sanded down and primed in white primer.

COST .........................................
(1) Home Depot....3 cans of expandable foam--------------------------------------$14.69
(2) Home Depot....1 small roll of plastic covering-----------------------------------$1.89
(3) Home Depot.... 1 package of 3/4" aluminum pop rivets---------------------- $ .99
(4) Home Depot....10' 1/2" copper tubing--------------------------------------------$5.99
(5) Home Depot.... 2- 1/2" x 2" SS bolts and nylock nuts-------------------------$3.29
(6) Home Depot....4- 3/8 x 1 SS bolts, flat washers & nylock nuts--------------$2.29
(7) Home Depot....4 3/16" self tapping screws (to attach to car frame)-------$1.69


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I wanna see photos of the work after its been done.. like up inside where the framing is please...thanks!
Ok Crispy, for some reason I knew you might inquire. As soon as I get to that point I will get the forklift and lift it up to take some pics.....just for you
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