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ok, so after me and rachel wait in line for a good 20minutes to get back into the states we finaly get up to the customs guy.
he runs both of our licenses
customs: where are you coming from?
me: a buddys house warming party
customs: whats his name?
me: ron zlotnik
customs: how do you know him?
me: cougar club
customs: what!?!?!
me: a car club
customs: what are you bringing back?
me: nothing
waits a minute
customs: open your trunk
me: opened trunk
customs: looks around trunk, then slams shut
customs: you can go

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customs are idiots... i brought a [censored]ing full front bumper back across the board he looked at it and didn't care...

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what it the second from far left lane? they did the same thing with me only there was no wait when i crossed back

me: hello
customs idiot: what are you bringing back with you
me: nothin
customs idiot: any drugs or weapons?
me: no
customs idiot: where were you
me: excelciers house
customs idiot:what
me: ex-cel-cier's house {action: i spell it out to him}
customs idiot: where does excelcier live?
me: in this subdivision off walker blvd.
customs idiot: turn off your car and give me your keys
me: ok............. {action: thinking thats its a good thing i dont have a body back there}
customs idiot: {action: walks to the back of my car and opens the trunk}
me: {action: watches him in the rear view search an empty trunk and try to refrain myself from laughing}
customs idiot: ok your all set
me: ok have a good night
customs idiot: {action: says nothing so i just drive awaycustoms idiot}

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american's customs officers are possibly the hugest duchebags on earth, honestly SOME are on huge power trips and need to shut up. There are SOME that are definately huge tools.
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