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Pull the e-brake boot back off the stock handle.

At the back of the handle, there will be a rivit. Drill it out.

Pull the old handle off the shaft, making sure not to pull the e-brake button (if you do, I don't know what to tell you)

Slide the new e-brake handle over the shaft, aligning the set screw straight vertically (either top or bottom works, but I put mine on bottom so I don't have to worry about it ever showing) (NOTE: if the set screw is not lined up straight vertically, it will go straight threw when tightening it down)

Tighten the set screw.

Replace the e-brake handle boot back over your new shiny handle, until you are happy with the placement (I put mine over the first groove).

The hardest part is actually lining up the set screw (mine fell out 3 times). If you have any problems, get back with me and I'll try to help you out as soon as possible.


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hey man......thanks alot....really appreciate it.....i printed your post out and i'll give this a shot....if i screw anything up....i'll message ya for i tried for a few days to get this on...even took it to a shop and they claimed it didn't fit right....which i know is crap cause it's machined for the first mistake was not drilling the stock rivet out....i thought you just stuck an allen key in there and it came out........ehhh stupid me.........anyways thanks.....!!!!!! :beer:
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