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Creative Compacts Coilovers

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I was wondering does anyone here have some Creative Compacts Coilovers? If so did you have stock struts on? because i just got a call in from my body shop and they said it doesnt fit over my stock strut at all. Do i have to sand the strut down any or what? Or does Koni or KYB struts fit flush on the coil over?

Also, my widebody cougar is still being built so im going ahead and letting my body shop put the car back togeather with the new rims and stock springs until i can figure out how to deal with these coilovers. Id really would have liked to lower it...nothing looks better than a widebody cougar with 19 inch rims slammed to the ground :cool: But much help is appreciated.

I should have my car done next week with pics to come, also if i cant do anything with these coil overs im willing to sell it to anyone interested. Thanks!
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dude you have to cut the perches on the struts to fit coilovers, just go with springs its easier lol... koni or kyb used to sell them with the perches cut, but they dont anymore
Ah, thanks dude!
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