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i have a 99 coug v6 mtx, when i give it gas, there is this loud crackling noise comming somewhere from my engine not too sure. my machinic told me it was something to do with the gas, he told me to put a higher octane a couple times, i did and it work, but that tank of 89 octane doesnt last 4ever, so i went back to 87 octane and the cracling came back, can anyone help me wit this problem?

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There's a few answers that you'll get here. Some say to go with a higher octane since the crackling (look up pinging) stops. Some will say that you just need to throw in a bottle of chevron techron or BG44k to clean out the fuel system. Eventually someone will say that you need to clean out your upper intake manifold to make it completely go away. I'm thinking that is the only thing that will totally get rid of it other than higher octane gas.

I use 93 octane gas 9 months of the year and through the cold of december, january and february I can use 87 with no pinging or anything. I've never cleaned my UIM thoroughly, just had some of the liquid stuff sucked in to clean it out every 24k miles since I hit 60k. That helps some until my secondaries open since they didn't even receive any TLC (liquid is sucked in through one of the two vacuum tubes up top and car idles). I did use BG44k and it helped my car feel younger. I have used gumout and stp type of gas treatments, but I don't even know why I use those. I've felt no difference with them, but it feels like you're taking care of the car that way.
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