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im offering this here first before i turn to the eclipse people, cause i can think of a few people who would want the heater for sure and possible the tires.

Kerosene heater. 50,000 BTU. works great dont have ever use it anymore and its taking up garage space. i used it last winter when i did my clutch install last winter. and i dont plan on putting in a new clutch this winter :) $30 and its yours.

Dunlop SP Sport FM901 tires. 2 are have lots of tread left the other 2 are close to the wear bars. would be good for a beater set. ill give ya the rims too if you want them. $200 or $100 just for the tires. avaliable now im pulling them off my car soon as im done posting this thread.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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