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Cougarfest 2016 Official Information

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Location: Kokomo, IN
Dates: July 14-17
Hotel: Super 8 5110 Clinton Ave, Kokomo, IN 46902. (765) 455-3288 Group code is cougarfest
Events: More stuff to be added
Thurs: Check in, dinner and shenanigans
Fri:- Rally (do we want to do something else? )
-Bunker Hill Drag Strip (schedule isnt out yet)
Sat: Dragcross autox w/ Indy region scca (information below) registration here $30 scca members, $45 non scca members
-Air museum is next to autox location if people want to hit that (possible group shot with fighter jets??)
- Show and shine (at dragcross would be nice)
-Awards at night
Sun: Roll out or Autox day 2 :evil:

The drag cross isnt your typical autox. It has a christmas tree start against another driver. You run courses that go away from each other. When youve completed your course you line up immediately on the other line and do it again for a combined time. Bracket style racing. Lots of fun and they will probably give us our own bracket if we have enough. Otherwise we will be in with everyone else.

more info to come
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Jason, how much is it for dragcross? I really want to come this year and am trying to budget to see if its possible.
Hotel information has been added. We are staying at the

Super 8
5110 Clinton Ave,
Kokomo, IN 46902
765- 455-3288

Group Code: Cougarfest

The cost for Thursday check in with a Sunday Checkout is $196. I stay at this hotel 2-3 times a year for autox's. theyve got a good make your own waffle breakfast. With in walking/stumbling distance there is a cracker barrel, texas roadhouse, rallys, mi familia mexican, across the hwy ihop, half moon brewery, olive garden. And the best feature for some, literally next door is a strip club. Its been some time since ive been, and it was meh. The good one is down the road 10-15 min
I actually found that we could get rooms a little cheaper.

If you're a "Wyndham Rewards" member & a AAA member, the Super 8 costs $176.41 total for Thursday to Sunday. You'll need to show your AAA card at check-in for this rate.

The Wyndham Rewards program is free, and you can join and reserve online, making note you're with the Cougarfest group in "Special Requests". If you do, CF will cost the same as our group discount and earn you one-tenth of the points needed to have a free night's stay in a Wyndham chain motel. (I called the Super 8 after I reserved online to verify they got the reservation and put me in the Cougarfest group.)

If you don't want to reserve online, you can join when you check-in, but be sure to ask to get points for this stay.

AAA costs to join, but I've used it enough on my Cougars so I keep renewing. It's what lowers the Super 8 cost below our group rate. If you want to join AAA for the first time, pm me and I can "refer" you, which gets you a discount on your second year & me a discount on my next renewal.

My most frequent AAA call has been for a dead alternator. Funniest AAA call I've made was a tow from the local drag strip when we killed a battery :biggrin:.

AARP saves me even more at Wyndham motels, but I think I'm the only CF attendee who qualifies ;).
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Rally planning is done, just need to get to town to finalize the route.

Picked up the shirts today. They are simple because we had an issue with the shirt guy we were using and had to scramble to find a shop

places to eat have been figured out
Program guides are underway, will be completed tomorrow.

Haven't driven the Cougar since autocross on Sunday; I've got a lot of cleanup to do tomorrow...
Anyone got anything for sale this year?? I've got a parts car if anyone needs anything.

Also, I found a pair of decent tires (just 2) on rims that I forgot I had. If I were to guess the front tires take a lot of abuse in autocross so I'd probably save a few miles on my tires if I tossed those on for autocross? Still undecided... It's a long drive to be breaking my car...
I wouldn't be too concerned about tire wear in one event. They will scrub pretty well, but some road miles will smooth it right back out.

I've been beating the tar out of my Bridgestones - I'm midway through my second season on those. They are WELL WORN, but they are also a 200-treadwear tire on a Street-Mod car. Still grip like crazy, and I'll probably keep beating on them throughout the rest of this season. At least until I clear up some budget for a new set of R-comps...
If anyone wants a set of Kinger monster port 3l heads, Im parting ways with mine along with the SVT cams and timing equipment for them. Would be willing to drive them and/or the ADC turbo kit I have out there
I have a couple of 01-02 trunk latches, an SVT throttle cable bracket, an 01-02 black center console with cup holder, driver's side 01-02 fog lamp, SVT Contour air box, complete, 99-00 and 01-02 front under-trays.

Not bringing the big stuff unless someone says they want it.
anyone have an extra 99 passenger side lower grill?
I might have one of those
Trying to plan my drive out, one of the boys is sick which is messing up my planned schedule :-( Anyone know what time the show and shine is / where / lunch / etc??
For those of us who missed the announcements because we were standing around with a flashlight watching others fix cars, would you post up the results of the Show? :)
andy posted them, just dont remember where

BEST IN SHOW: MelsCat (Melinda)
BEST NON-COUGAR, WINNER: Black Tilly (Justin)
HONORARY “TOO DUMB TO QUIT” AWARD WINNERS: Stuart & Jim (defending champions)
Thank you.

When MelsCat and FrenchBlueC2 both show, everybody else is just fighting for third. ;) Beautiful Cougars. :bowdown:
Mark, I think if you had arrived just 30 minutes sooner you would have been right up there in the running. Many people had already submitted ballots by the time you got there.
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