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Up for Grabs from a 2000 V6 5 speed car. I would like to get rid of these so trying to price to sell. If you don't see something, I don't have it, even for nuts/bolts, I took pics of everything there is. Whatever doesn't sell relatively quickly will probably be donated to the trash bin. I'm located in Central Massachusetts and SCULLIN can vouch that the car was running when it was disassembled. If you need any questions asked, Please ask in the thread so others can see so it's not repeated and so people can call dibs if they want by first come first serve. Thanks

SO.....trying to order this from pics in their order.
1. 2000 door panels. undamaged and in pretty good shape. $20 each. Shipping on you.

2. battery tie down and nuts $10

3. Dash vent, undamaged. $15
Firewall hood seal $5
Fuel Tank Hole rubber grommet with sensor $5
Wire harness $5
A pillars no broken clips, $10 each
windshield wiper motor covers $5
Driver side door opening floor plastic cover $5

4. original complete spark plug separator holder thingies $5
Fuel injector harness that's been cut, good for the connector ends if you need any $5
wire hanesses $5 if you recognize the one you want

5 and 6.
Dash switches. the plastic dash itself isn't usable, I just kept the switches and cut the wires at the back. $10

7. complete mirrors. $15 each rubber gaskets $5 each driver door handle and frame $5

8. Dash vents missing passenger side. $5

9. headrests $5 each
speedo with approx 135 k and no damage $10
wiper arms $5 each
dipstick $5
fuse box panel $10
headlight and dimmer switch still in panel $10
beneath radio storage tray $5
hood release plastic latch undamaged $5
back hatch release button $5
throttle cable $5
10. fuse panel detail

Prices do not include shipping, but I'm very bored during this pandemic and would be willing to drive up to an hour away myself to meet up if it was at least $25 worth of stuff. just to pay for my gas at least. Part two is coming up.

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1. Books with a mouse chewed folder. $5 I'll even throw the mouse chewed folder away for you :)

2. hood release detail pic $5

3. cougars from door panels $5/ pair

4. fuel pump. I know it works, but I'd only feel comfortable selling this for the plastic housing or the top cover and or sensor. I wouldn't recommend putting this is anything you want to use. It sat for a long time. $5

5. headlights. Undamaged but need polishing and scrubbing. has the covers still on the back side. $25 for the pair

6. single disc cd player $10

7. wheel covers $5 for all four
99-00 grill $10
hood prop rod $5
HVAC switches two additional sets already removed from panels from other cars $5 each

8. oem coil pack $10
plastic tubing $5
hood hinges $5 each
hood latch $5
IMG_0113.JPG IMG_0114.JPG IMG_0116.JPG IMG_0117.JPG IMG_0118.JPG IMG_0120.JPG IMG_0121.JPG IMG_0122.JPG

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Picture 1 shows a brand new fuel injection and other sensor connectors harness from a 2001-2002 returnless car I believe. Please double check the part number. I got this when I had bought a brand new upper intake set with injectors. I reused the wire harness on that car and was left with this. It has been in a climate controlled basement and is brand new with no brittleness to it whatsoever. This part was used on a 2002 XR I repaired a few years ago that needed upper intake manifolds. I bought this on ebay years ago. if you can use it $25

2. The nuts/bolts stuff. These are the miscellaneous nuts/bolts I had pulled out of the car. Many of the torx heads and smaller stuff, so let me know what you might need. A couple bucks will suffice I'm sure for most items.

IMG_0123.JPG IMG_0124.JPG IMG_0125.JPG IMG_0126.JPG IMG_0127.JPG

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I don't have anything spare tire related. I would be happy to sell you the entire battery hold down assembly, but if you just need one bolt for it, I can also see if any of the random ones I have left might work. I would have to check on that tomorrow. The engine cover appears I didn't put a price, $10, and probably as much to ship just cause of the size.

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ok, no random bolts seemed to work so I'll throw in the whole battery tie down assembly with the engine cover. Let's just say $25 total shipped and whatever it costs to ship I'll take care of it, even if it's 10 bucks. I'd rather see this stuff go to use than the trash. I'll pm you my paypal address now.

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Would you have the Driver/Passenger Wire Door Harness? Do the Passenger side splash guard that connects to the inner fender which protects the alternator and ac clutch?

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Interested in:
1. injector wiring harness w/ plugs
2. All 4 cougar head center caps
3. Single disc radio
4. Lower knee panel under steering wheel, dose this include the bolt caps?
5. Throttle body cable
6. Trunk release lever
7. Valve cover tube to intake
8. Intake manifold tubes
9. Do u have the plug for the unit under the engine cover. Thanks

Miscellaneous items see pictures

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