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Cougar vs. Camaro????

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Will a 99 Cougar with KKM intake and Dynomax exhuast beat a 95 Stock V6 ATX Camaro?? Because there is this punk-ass kid in my town who did a bunch of cosmetic stuff to his car but put no balls into it what-so-ever, and drives around town like his car is the ****. So, if you guys think my car might have a chance, then I just wanna race this kid and make him feel like a shmuck.
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Didn't those things only have 160hp? Go for it.
stock v6 cougar is 170 hp
stock v6 camaro is 200 hp

you should be able to beat it stock with the big weight difference, (i did atleast)

with your mods you should have no probs beating him, his is an atx aswell, if yours is a 5 speed (i'm not sure what you have) you'll win guranteed, if you have an auto you should still win but i've never driven an atx cougar so i can't really say that,

go for it
you shouldn't be disappointed.
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Back in 95 I'm pretty sure they didn't have but 150-160 bhp. The V6 mustangs of the day were 140 bhp.
Oh yeah, I forgot, I do have an ATX......
1996 3.8L V6 200hp/225ft-lbs weight-3306lbs RWD
1999 2.5L V6 170hp/165ft-lbs weight-3019lbs FWD

I think they have a better transmission but its barely powerful enough to be rear wheel drive in my opinion not to mention that they have an extra 300lbs on top of I think you could beat the kid....
i think specs were that we were a 1/10 of a second slower in the quarter mile, with ure mods, us should get him, my atx is sluggish off da line, but i dont know about ures or the 99 camaro. i say go for it.
My Buddy got one in college, right when I got my cougar,
and I regularly took him..and especially took him on the twisties..
In 1995, the f-body's had a 3.4 v6 with 160 hp. It will be a close race if you have an atx-but you should be able to beat him if you get a good launch. He'll beat you off the line-it's just a matter of how much. I've raced my friend's 95 bird about 15 times and I'm on a winning streak now that I know how to launch better.
Rojo- I remember an article saying that 94 was the last year for the who's right?
Best bet dude-whatever motor he has, go ahead and run, thats the only way to find out who will win.
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Hey guys!! Well, after seeing all the positive feedback I set up a place and time with the kid and was confident enough to race him last night. Anyway....I beat him off the line by about 3/4 of a car length (did a brake stand up to about 2 1/2 - 3 grand and floored it). I was only a 1/2 a car length (his bumper was at my door handle) ahead for the first 3 gears and when my car went into 4th I pulled away by a full car length (his front bumper at my back bumper)!! It stayed like that for the whole race. I wasnt paying too much attention to the speed but, at the fastest, I saw the needle at about 108mph. So at the end, he was like "I didn't think these things had balls". I felt pretty good about handing him his ass. Man was he pissed....
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Any time you can put a chevy in it's place with a ford is a good thing!
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Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Die Chevey Die! Now tell everyone you know about the race.
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