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Cougar mentioned in new Ludacris CD

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in case anyone cares, but the new Ludacris CD does mention a black cougar.. heres the lyrics: ohh ya the name of the song is Screwed Up. approx 2:15 into the song or soo....

I'm from Screwed Up Texas, we drive reckless, and then we peel off
You ain't had sh*t until you smoke Sweet Tooth and Jack Frost
Hit it twice but don't cough, you gotta take it man
If it's a record for smoking I'm 'bout to break it man
Me and Luda puffing budda, we in a black Cougar
On Zap Judas, you try to jack us we grab rugers

just thought some1 might care, by the way if u do download the song, theres a crud load of swears... believe me
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nice find! ill have to download it and listen for it.
That's great lol. I like the new LUdacris song.. Never even heard of him till like 3 days ago?

IM not a big rap fan lol.
That is cool, however, this does not belong in this forum, it's off topic.
As I was listening to my DJ clue cd, I heard a line that said, " Move wit troops in Cougar Coupes " :thumbsup:

You know they are talking about NECO! ;)

! Anyways the artist is Lady Luck & Muggs and the song is called Dangerous
Nice :thumbsup:
Not to be a buzz kill but they're probably talking about Old School cougs..:(
I agree.. probably not the new edge cougar....
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