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Cougar Fest Caravan

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Hello Gateway NECO,

I know that Cougar Fest is a long ways off, but I like to plan in advance and would love your input. I don't know if you guys want to meet the IL NECO group or not. But here is my suggestion:

Thursday: Gather the Gateway Cougars, meet Southern IL cougars somewhere (don't know that yet) and cruise to I-80, and then meet the IL NECO/WI NECO and IA NECO at 1 PM at an exit. about 25 cougars cruise to Flat ROck.

I know that you guys have the longest drive out of all of us. I don't want you guys worn out. So i think 1 PM is reasonable, since we still have a 5 hour trip ahead of us. Please give me your suggestions.
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Is anybody going?
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