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A few weeks ago I posted about some funky stuff going on with my gas mileage not registering, and no injector pulses in the diagnostics mode....

well what do Cougars have that Contours don't.... the in dash LCD stuff. Anyhow there are actually small differences in the 2 wiring harnesses. You see I had some issues with my harness so I bought a used one off someone, which was from a Contour. The Contour harness does not have PCM pin #43, also known as the fuel flow signal wire. This wire goes into the dash cluster to feed it fuel consumption information, and from there it calculates your fuel level, gas mileage etc...

So I pulled out my old harness, figured out how to add a pin to the PCM and driver side engine bay connectors, and ran the wire. Works like a charm :) I still can't autotap but that's another issue.

The Contour harness has 2 wires that the Cougar doesn't, and the Cougar harness has 1 wire the Contour doesn't. I know the use of the one wire from the Cougar's harness (fuel flow signal), but I'm not sure about the 2 extra from the Contour

I have also yet another cool theory about how your fuel guage works. I'm saying this because of what happened to me before and after the fix. Before the fix, my fuel guage would go from full to 1/2 no problem... after that it would just stall until i ran out. My theory says the cluster uses fuel level from the in tank unit until 1/2 full. From there it uses a combination of fuel level, and fuel flow, as well as distance travelled to help give you a more precise indication based on your driving habits. Because I didn't have the fuel flow signal previously my fuel guage would just stay, until i was literally running on fumes, in which case the fuel milage printout would become ---- (dashes) in the LCD panel, the fuel guage would read empty, and the fuel light would come on, I only got here 3 times and each time I was lucky enough to have a fuel station right there.

I still need to put more miles on my car to get it passed the 1/2 mark on the fuel guage, but i'm fairly confident now that my gas mileage printout works, that i'll get it all solved...
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