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How much would one cost because i found out mine is crap so i need a new one. Just curious how much they cost. Thank you and sorry to the mods i didnt know where to put this.

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I pasted this from an old post via searched archives "DPFE" author "JF". Guess at 29 my memory is still working!

12/09/2002 1:58:01 PM

I just replaced mine yesterday. Bought it from Autozone @ $53 and some change. I kept getting check engine light warning. After ODB2 scan = the code for EGR - Excessive exhaust flow came up. So far no check engine light! Usually after re-setting, the light would come back on after 10 miles of driving. You shouldn't have to match any codes. It's just a sensor that sends a signal, nothing more. I think they're feeding you a line of crap. If the junk one is not much less than a new one, get a new one. My old one had a lot of carbon build up. Hope this helps!

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