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cooling fan

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everytime i start my car the fan comes on after running for only a minute or two .is this a problem anyone has encountered before.if so what part needs to be replaced.i figure its a sensor but i dont even know where it is.thanks
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Does you car run hot or are you just worried that the fan might be coming on sparatically without reason?
without reason,i would think that it would only on once it reached operating temp.mine has a mind of its own
try this... hold down the units and reset buttons.... start the car (while still holding buttons)... release the reset button THEN release the units button... now hit select a few times until you reach a temp reading.... normal operating temp for the v6 is 195 degrees, and the fan should kick on at about 220 degrees or so (could be less)... this will also let you know if you are running too hot... could be a cooling problem or radiator problem.
merc123 you can see the temp displayed in diagnostic mode

puck puck the fan turns on in the morning when the car is cold

If you've left the A/C engaged, it'll come on after starting the vehicle no matter what the engine temperature. If your climate selector is set to either MAX A/C, A/C, Defrost with floor or Defrost, the fans will come on to cool the A/C condenser.

Hope this helps,
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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